A Magical Catch

In the hideous haze
of a ridiculous phase
I wrote more than a phrase
for a skeleton.

Now, I sit here amazed
at the myriad ways
in which it pays
to be your pelican.

For nary a book
could undo your hook
or the blood that it took
me to sell again.

I’d only set out to cook
by the bank of the brook
but the nod from your look
made me well again.


Suzanne O’Toole is a Boston-based spoken word poet. She enjoys acting and particularly loves lending her voice to several characters on various podcasts. She can be found playing the voice of Janet’s mother, Theresa Clarke, on the space-themed time-traveling show entitled Solutions to Problems. She is a proud graduate of Improv Asylum’s Training Center for improv comedy. She welcomes acting, voice work, & spoken word opportunities and can be reached at suzanne.m.otoole@gmail.com.