Artwork © S.A. Griffin



False accuser, slanderer,
Sly, mendacious mind-infector,
With honey for your backbiters,
And ashes for the lips of orphans;
Plague inflictor, desert tempter,
Chief of lascivious, cave-dwelling Watchers,
Languish now in the poisoned well,
Where perfidious, recreant traitors lie
Ice-bound in the ninth dominion,
Condemned forever, frozen fast,
Gallant Michael’s laceration
Festering fetid in your side,
One of your three bloated faces
Gnawing on the bones of Judas.


Following on from his first publication Heavenly Hurt, Steve Lang is currently working on his second poetry collection, Cuarentena, the opening poem for which (“Raphael”) was recently nominated for this year’s Pushcart Poetry Prize.

S.A. Griffin lives, loves and works in Los Angeles.