Poem by Stephen Wright


Take Note When Bottled Up

The salt marks of more robust days are on the canyons of my mind. A time when thought moved freely. Excitement was taking my pen forward to draw a picture and the landscape of a life journey. Writing freed my mind to point out to readers a scenic view; or place of importance in my life that they may want to consider viewing for themselves. The strokes of my pen would include sights, and sounds to compliment the scene depicted in my mind’s eye. The beginning phrases of the new journey began like seeds blown in from off stage. Words would open the ground to plant thoughts much like a breath opens the lungs of a new born.
  Yet today, my pen, thought to be out of ink, writes me a note of hope. The note in the bottle says, write about where you are, not where you think you should be. The color of the landscape today may not be bright, bold or even pastel; use the colors of words on a page which are black and white.


Photography © Stephen Wright
Photography © Stephen Wright



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