Artwork © Stephan Anstey



before she sews a stitch
she reads a thousand pages
to be sure the thread is historically accurate
and the sewing machine is one that existed

except when she sews for herself
because she is aware of who suffers
for every bit of cloth upon our backs
and she refuses that barter
to keep her conscience clear

when she adjusts her hat
and smiles just sew – i see
how passion plays in every fiber
— but i say nothing more

because some people are poetry
and the rest of us are lucky
if we are even able to write just one poem


Stephan Anstey is a mediocre husband, proud father, constant poet, occasional prose-ist, and committed (or soon-to-be) multi-media artist. He loves to wear his art like comfortable moccasins and tiptoe the edges of our common humanity — that interesting area where all colors, lines, ideas and the definitions of all things are too fuzzy to be sure. The traipsing of that edge and his penchant for tackling extreme images that combine the holy and the profane with the mundane and the surreal is probably why his work is often referred to as edgy, abstract, wild and untamed. His paintings and images have hung in several galleries and his poetry has been collected in books and featured in many poetry blogs.