Photography © Edward S. Gault


The Light Lessens

The light lessens
In a quantum curve
A series of step changes
Almost undetectable
Like watching the second hand move through a minute
A gradual turning down
Of the day

Sounds of the street
Ripple outwards
From the urban fauna
Wavelength increasing
Amplitude falling
Commensurate with time

The weary stench of the city
Diluted by dusk

Nothing left to feel
But the feint caress
Of atoms
Soft in the cooling air

Is this death
Or a simulation

Another false alarm


Simon Read lives in the UK. His work includes short fiction, poetry, lyrics, songs, and word-based artworks. Simon’s work has been published, or is forthcoming, in a variety of magazines including Arlington Literary Journal, Riggwelter, The Blue Nib, Visions, and Unlikely Stories.

Edward S. Gault is a poet and fine art photographer. He lives at Mosaic Commons, a co-housing community in Berlin, Ma. He has a wife Karen, and daughter.