Canada Day

Well, fuck, it’s really you!
My heart just skipped a beat
as you stroll in my sights
through summer’s midday heat.

You carry wood, of course,
straight out of Home Depot;
I get to watch you walk
right past my burnt ego.

How come you’re here today?
What will you make with that?
Maybe some lame ass box?
Or worse– a dining set??

I watch your every step
and cringe because I left
you in my feelings-trunk.
Yet, here you are. A cleft

begins to gape; I know—
you’ll build a table, right?
An intimate attempt—
but not for my delight.

I honk not twice but thrice
and feel the shame at once,
my cheeks turn red, but you?
A hunter always hunts.

You smile your smile and wave
your wave. You see, I’m here.
My wunderbaum mocks me
because I need you near
me all the time. Ach; what
is wrong with me, I pray,
as tears begin to march
on this— dramatic – day.


Silke Feltz: “I’m a writing instructor at the University of Oklahoma and writing poetry helps me get a feeling out of my heart and onto paper. This poem is one of these feelings and I am glad I’m not feeling the despair only a sensitive goober like me can feel.”