Interdimensional Being

I’m an interdimensional being
Dimensions running in tandem
Parallel or perpendicular
Ants building their sandcastle pyramids
Sending soldiers and rogue operatives out
Humans stacking their skyscrapers
Flying drones and aircrafts targeting
All in search of treasure and glory
More, more, more while the getting’s good
We are not so different, animals in an
Ego-centric dimension of our choosing
Merely mortals imitating gods while worshiping
Denying gods while disappointing gods
Trapped within our own anthropomorphism
Confined to a box within a box within a box
Except there is no box, just an illusion
Simulations surrounding to keep you on auto-pilot.


Shannon Pilipetskii is a wife and mom of two little boys, living in New Jersey. She likes travel, exotic food, nonfiction, and rap music. Many nights are spent staying up late writing. Coffee is in hand as she explores a new adventure, into the published literary world.

New Zealander Keith Nunes exhibits his Foto-Poetry throughout NZ and his images have been published in journals around the globe.