Darrien Hunt Poster




fourth quarter
announcement bold
half time over
stadium rumble
crowd roars
protest score
ejected system

yet this twisted game plays on…
who is gon make it to the final round?
don’t fumble with precious life of my people

we survived a triangle of utter distraught
telling us “go back home”
but you refuse
to fund our ticket well earned
after generation’s forced free labor

I cannot throw in the towel
this is an inherited battle
black babies are born colored criminal soldiers
america’s inbred statistic since a child
fightin for survival

mama told me look to love
when confronted by war of hearts
so there
other cheek turned

only to be met
with government issued rifle
it spoke in tones alpha white


truth be told
aint too sure
you even make it til tomorrow
so here’s a shot at POWER

took aim that day
ain’t miss a target since
call it chance
they claim my skin worthless

if we’re just
pointing out facts


Photography © Rachel Copans

Photography © Rachel Copans


Secret Genius. The only son of a Haitian born couple who are now legally separated. Known simply as Johnny amongst contemporary fellows, the artist has no orthodox work schedule and after awakening during the day promptly followed by exclaiming gratitude for peace of mind, blessings, and personal well being. Initially, Johnny begins thinking, then strategizes, and goes forth to produce works through any medium beckoning to be used with the creative fuel circulating the veins within his corpse bound by naturally impending deadline.

Rachel Copans is a Burgeoning poet and spoken word artist. The photo above was taken outside the Prudential Center earlier today during the Blackout Black Friday protest under the #notonedime hash tag.