Red Saw of Texas
For Uncle Gunnar

Running through the woods
your screams are filled with terror
chainsaw is roaring

Stalking attacker
wears the face of a victim
run to gas station

Suddenly rescued
but driving back to the house
He is one of them!

Scream! You’re knocked out cold.
You awaken in horror
macabre dinner guest

Bringing out Grandpa
the best slaughterhouse killer
a one shot wonder

Damn automation
ruining the family
give him the hammer

Hit her, finish her
pain, blood, scream, chaos. Escape!
crash through a window

Back into the woods
revving angry drone of saw
nearer and nearer

Endlessly screaming
whipping branches, stumble, fall
pain, eyes wide with fear

Killer approaching
sheer panic and pure terror
on your feet running

Saw motor raging
stumble out onto the road
truck breaks are squealing

You’re rescued again
and this time, it is for real
but your mind is lost

Killer is left behind
to dance, saw swinging in wind
and screaming with rage


“My name is Ryan Travis, but in the poetry world, I am Rat. I’ve been in the poetry/open mic scene for 20+ years. I’ve also been in the haunted attraction industry for about the same time. Halloween and horror are a huge part of my life.