The Beauty of Me

The president swears,
“our movement is a movement
built on love” but, be careful,
those immigrants from Haiti
“all have AIDS…

There are no mixed messages.
There are no mixed messages. . . .

When Mexico sends its people . . .
problems . . . drugs . . . crime . . .
They’re rapists.”

“…part of the beauty of me
is that I am very rich . . .” and
“I have a great relationship
with the Mexican people . . .
They’re rapists. . . .” and

“I will build a great wall . . .
and I will make Mexico pay…
They’re rapists. . . .
all these people
from shithole countries . . .”

“…look at that face.
Would anyone vote for that? . . .
I mean, she’s a woman . . .
Are we serious? . . .
I’ve always said,
‘If you need Viagra,
you’re probably
with the wrong girl….
a person who is flat-chested
is very hard to be a 10.”

“…80% of all the shootings
in New York City are Blacks —
if you add Hispanics, . . .
98%, 1% White.” But,
“The Bible tells us,
‘How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people
live together in unity.’”

“I don’t know … what
you’re even talking about
with white supremacy
or white supremacists . . .
very fine people.”

Well, “believe me . . .
the only kind of people
I want counting my money
are little short guys
that wear yarmulkes . . . .”
“. . . he’s not a war hero . . .
Get that son of a bitch
off the field right now.”

“Do you mind if I sit back a little?
Because your breath is very bad.”
And, you know, don’t you? . . .
“he’s not a war hero.”


Russell duPont is an artist and author. His works have been exhibited widely and are in a number of public and private collections. He is the author of two poetry chapbooks, two novels and two non-fiction chapbooks. His novel, Waiting for the Turk has been nominated for a Goodreads Choice Books 2019 Award.

Mark Blickley is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild and PEN American Center. He is the author of Sacred Misfits (Red Hen Press), Weathered Reports: Trump Surrogate Quotes from the Underground (Moira Books) and the forthcoming text based art book, Dream Streams (Clare Songbirds Publishing House). His video, Widow’s Peek, was selected to the 2018 International Experimental Film and Video Festival in Bilbao, Spain. He is a 2018 Audie Award Finalist for his contribution to the original audio book, Nevertheless We Persisted.

Nancy A. Kiel lives in Sydney, Australia where she’s an award-winning musician, songwriter, writer, and founding member of the New Zealand band Baby! and the Australian group Party Girls. Nancy is founder and Managing Director of Miss Nancy’s Dried Berries.