“Dangers of Intercourse” © Russell duPont


Dangers of Intercourse
from an ancient Chinese manual

Forcing himself to have intercourse,
a Man weakens his heart.
To cure: Girl must lie face-up,
her legs resting on man’s shoulders.
Girl moves rhythmically;
Man retains his sperm.
Repeat nine times.
Overeating makes mouth dry,
brings on premature ejaculation.
To cure: Girl must lie face-up,
left leg raised while Man
inserts jade-stick;
Girl moves rhythmically;
Man retains sperm.
Repeat nine times.
Exhaustion, itching testicles
caused by frequent intercourse.
To cure: Girl lies face-up,
a pillow under her hips;
Man inserts jade-stick,
quickly and deeply;
Girl shakes and trembles,
Man ejaculates.
Repeat for ten days.
Thus, Yin and Yang
delight in varied victories.


Russell duPont is an artist and author. His works have been exhibited widely and are in a number of public and private collections. He is the author of two poetry chapbooks, two novels and two non-fiction chapbooks. His novel, Waiting for the Turk has been nominated for a Goodreads Choice Books 2019 Award.