“Stop” © Alexander Limarev


A is for Apocalypse

No one taking trips
No one making tips
A lifetime on my hips
WTF cruise ships?
Apocalypse Not
Not with all the stuff we’ve got
Truth be told, quite a lot
Look at all we get to stream
A nightmare or a dream?
Could read like this
Mine for one are chapped
Hydration sorely sapped
Apocalypse and worry?
Grab on to something furry
Walk a dog. Pet a cat.
Hug a bunny not a bat.
Can I set the record straight?
Things just really aren’t great.
Less to love and lots to hate
But it’s not apocalyptic
It’s just really really cryptic.

(I need some Chapstick qu-ick.)


Rochelle Newman-Carrasco credits her love of humor, language, and culture, to growing up on
NY’s Lower East Side. She has a BFA from UCI Irvine and an MFA from Antioch, Los Angeles. She
has written for both the page, screen and the stage, winning awards for playwriting and
screenplay writing. Her essays have been published in Ad Age, Off Assignment, Role Reboot,
Lunch Ticket, NAILED, Lilith, The Forward, Meow Meow Pow Pow and other publications. She
lives in Los Angeles where she is sheltered in place with her husband Carlos and dog Squink. She
co-authored ZigZag: From A to Z, a bilingual children’s book published by CIDCLI in Mexico City.
She likes to alphabetize and rhyme and has written Covid19 spoken word/poems for every
letter of the alphabet.

Alexander Limarev is a freelance artist, mail art artist, curator, poet and photographer from Siberia/Russia. He has participated in more than 800 international projects and exhibitions. His artworks are part of private and museum collections of 63 countries. His artwork and poetry have been featured in various online publications including Killer Whale Journal, TreeHouse Arts, Backchannel and elsewhere.