“Shadowing the Creature 1” © Rayn Roberts


Notes for a Good Girl Art Dime Novel Cover

A girl in the foreground caresses a smoking cigarette
between lips like Siamese-twin petals on a dying rose:
voluptuous scarlet starships seeking new galaxies.

Her eiderdown hair hides the pain in her eyes,
but we sense it there, certain
as the judiciously arranged spheres inside her brassiere.

Those thirty-eight DDs uplift enticingly
beneath a low-cut, cyanide-blue, scoop-neck
diaphanous gown savagely torn to her naked waist.

We wonder if her saviour
will be a lantern-jawed lover, but will not discover
the denouement until we reach the final page.

A gullible reader may judge this book by its lurid cover
and be distracted by the lascivious girl whilst
a man in the background caresses a smoking gun.


Robert Ensor’s past is clouded in mystery. His present is surrounded by poetry. His future is shrouded with chronometry.

Rayn Roberts lives in Oregon where he writes poetry & creates digital art.