Photography © Chad Parenteau


Factual Facts

We’re heading to Hawaii tomorrow.
Hawaii is an Island, or more factually,
Hawaii is a collection of Islands.
That is most of the factual information
I can provide at this time.

I will tell you that when I think of
being on an Island, I think of the
television show Lost which was
set on an Island on which a lot of
crazy things happened.

As another piece of factual information
the Island we are going to happens
to be where Lost was filmed, so
we expect a lot of crazy things
will happen.


Rick Lupert lives with the three cats and two humans. The cats showed up on their own terms and we’re let inside without much thought. The humans were more of a curated situation. This is currently happening in Newhall, California where things are written down, except for the times when, before the writing down, Rick has to get on a plane to get to where the writing down will happen. As of this writing, Rick is currently waiting for a breakfast sandwich to arrive.

Chad Parenteau is Associate Editor of Oddball Magazine.