Jack’s Thimble

Two parents feel the movement of their fetal son
You will be called Jack
They say
To him
We know you
A wink of recognition
You are all that we are
The germ of what you will be
Your introduction
We are here
We have built you
An edifice…we two
To shelter you
After the womb
When you will build
The stories
That you will tell
When you are descending
Rise up
The world’s structures
Are sustained by mathematics
We two are the equation
We too have made three
Layered within
Our shared intention
A thimble to shield you
From the pricks
That will still come
As you tumble through it all
As you tumble now
We feel your dance
As you revel
In the histrionics of dreams


Rick Christiansen is a 61 year old refugee of corporate America. After retiring a couple of years ago he began writing again after a long hiatus. He has now had several poems published and is working on his first chap book. He lives in Missouri with two Basset Hounds. His unique perspective is inspired and influenced by everything from Epistemology to his grandchildren.

Gunjan Bhardwaj is a 22 year old computer engineering from india who enjoys painting and sketching.