“The Anima” © JC Alfier


Historians Would Call Us Friends

She holds me in her arms
And I hold her in mine.
When I run my fingers
Across her soft skin,
Everything feels serene.


Rebecca Dietrich is a writer, photographer, and genocide scholar from New Jersey. Her debut chapbook Scholar of the Arts and Inhumanities (Finishing Line Press, 2023) will be published November of 2023. Rebecca’s poetry has been featured in publications by Plumwood Mountain Journal, Making Waves: A West Michigan Review, and Black Spot Books. She holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Holocaust & Genocide Studies from Stockton University. Rebecca is currently studying for her M.A. in Genocide Prevention & Human Security at Keene State College. Rebecca is an active member of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association and the International Association of Genocide Scholars.

JC Alfier’s most recent book, The Shadow Field, was published by Louisiana Literature Press (2020). Journal credits Notre Dame Review, Penn Review, Southern Poetry Review, and Vassar Review. They are founder and co-editor of Blue Horse Press.