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Oh But I Had Never Left
I Am Present Always

Oh but I had never left
I am present


A shadow
in the corner
of you eye

a whisper
in the silence

a picture
falling off
the wall

the sound
of footsteps
in the night

show me your grief
your love &

your hopes
& your dreams

perhaps I am
merely a specter
a memory
a ghost or

Oh but I had never left
I am present



R.M. Engelhardt is a poet, writer & author who’s work over the last 25 years has been published in such journals as Thunder Sandwich, Full of Crow, Rusty Truck, Writers’ Resist, Dry Land Lit, Rye Whiskey Review, Hobo Camp Review & many others. He currently lives & writes in Upstate NY and his new books of poetry are entitled DarkLands (Published By Whiskey City Press 2019) and We Rise Like Smoke: Poems Psalms Incantations 2021 (Published by DeadMansPressInk)