Bésame Mucho

Inside my head,
the bandoneón played
“Bésame Mucho.”

Her hair, raven black,
his hair, mocha brown.

Behind the frame’s glass,
their tango froze.

As I lifted it,
panic held my hands.

Her fear became mine,
his powerful hold
refused to let go.

His head touched mine.

Cool glass
pressed against my lips.

Her scream became mine,
his powerful hold
refused to let go.

The bandoneón,
too loud to hear.


Patricia Carragon’s recent publications include Bear Creek Haiku, First Literary Review-East, A Gathering of the Tribes, Jerry Jazz Musician, The Café Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, Krytyka Literacka, Panoplyzine, Poetrybay, and Sensitive Skin. Her latest books are Meowku and The Cupcake Chronicles from Poets Wear Prada and Innocence from Finishing Line Press. Patricia hosts Brownstone Poets and is the editor-in-chief of its annual anthology. She is an executive editor for Home Planet News Online. Her first novel, Angel Fire, is forthcoming from Alien Buddha Press, and her second novel, What Hasn’t Happened Yet, was recently completed. Patricia lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Natalie Bradford is from Detroit, Michigan and currently attends the University of Western Michigan Frostic School of Art studying fine studio art with an emphasis in print media. While at school, Natalie has been exploring the medium of printmaking and other alternative forms of mark making such as drawing, painting, and collage. She currently lives and works in Kalamazoo, Michigan.