Holidays Are Coming

As January snows in, life returns
drudgery-full, spiced only by sin;
once again that seasonal tryst is no more,
our insecurities on sale
in every store.

Yet another New Year replaces hope and joy
like an ill-gotten present or unwanted toy.
Our self-promises made of dreams unspoken,
the prospect of a fresh start
now fickle and broken.

Darkness days and their months slowly pass
as our bodies regenerate behind panes of glass,
before a different shape of hope approaches,
the twinkling form of light,
as spring’s life-warmth consumes the once endless night.

But summer sun shines, too brightly it seems,
burning out our skin, infinite days,
the current of our streams,
before falling like a star beyond the trees,
leaving behind a stark reminder, chilling breeze.

Then Autumn’s days and leaves lie dying,
storm winds howling, overcast heavens crying;
our hallowed souls rise, but still it is too soon
to think of December 25th,
consider vows renewed.

The snaking tendrils of November wrap
once-wise men lulled by tinsel-flayed soundtracks
of high street kings, their sleighs pulled
by shooting star purse-strings.
And December is no different

but at least it’s December; at last we see
the possibility of Christmas, remember.
We succumb to adrenaline, the merchant’s will,
in honour of that awaited day’s contrast,
atmosphere of peace and standstill.

We spend all year waiting for it to arrive;
on this duration, its fragility, our anticipation
Christmas Day thrives.
The day we’re afraid to live lest it break,
we wrap and preserve to the point that it flakes.

"Holiday Marsh" © TJ Edson

“Holiday Marsh” © TJ Edson

Neil Slevin is a 26 year-old writer from Co. Leitrim, Ireland. A former English teacher in the U.K., he is completing an MA in Writing at NUI Galway to pursue a writing-based career. He writes for The Sin (NUI Galway’s student newspaper), editing its entertainment section and culture column, “Resonate,” and as events reporter for the Institute for Lifecourse and Society (an N.U.I. Galway campus centre providing community-based initiatives for the local area). His articles have also been published in Leitrim Observer and the Connacht Tribune.

TJ Edson is the Art Director of Oddball Magazine and a volunteer at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery. He has also had work appear recently in Boston Compass.