“Monster Brings Flowers 7c1” © Edward Michael Supranowicz


The thing is this…

Revenge is always personal
the violator decides how cruel the intent

I run like hell but I will never escape
nor can I forget the harm I’ve caused
or the many low places I have been

Every time it seems I’ve exorcised my demons
they arise again,
trapping me as I straddle the fence

Things could be going so well
and somehow I’ll fuck it all up
incurring the universes wrath
humbling, harsh and intense

Ain’t it a real bitch how mortal enemies
often began as brother’s
comrades or friends?

Revenge is always personal
the violator decides how cruel the intent

When the truth cuts deep,
deflection is much easier
to admit fault or that we lied

I have sick sense of humor
and my passion invokes emotion
I work hard to gain the world
only to leave it to fools when I die

Still you only live once
it’s hard to be like Jesus
for I am told he never sinned

Maybe I am insane
I been losing my whole life
and now that I’m in my forties
I truly believe that I will win

Worked like a government mule
I am wracked with pain from my upper back
straight down to my heels

Take it easy
I’m too old to lose a fight
I’m fine with being tried twelve
so please don’t make me kill


Nathaniel Terrell’s influences include the late Greats King David, Gil Scott Heron, Edgar Allen Poe and Tupac Shakur. His collection, Is there not a cause?, was published in April.

Edward Michael Supranowicz has had artwork and poems published in the US and other countries. Both sides of his family worked in the coalmines and steel mills of Appalachia.