Van Gogh and me

Those sunflowers,
Those fields of grains,
That farmer
And that starry starry night,

I think I have memorized them by heart;

That small room with a single window
An impoverished cot,
A quilt with sewing coming out,
Two flattened pillows,

I think I have learnt them by eyes;

Van Gogh

I think I had been someway related to him.


Moinak Dutta has had his poems and stories are published in national and international publications including The Statesman, the World Peace Poetry anthology, Setu, Riding and Writing, Pangolin Review, Tuck Magazine and others. He served as an editor of the poetry collection Whispering Poeisis, which had over one hundred poems from sixty poets from different parts of India and abroad.

Luis Lázaro Tijerina was born in Salina, Kansas. Mr. Tijerina has a Master of Art degree in history, concentration being military history and diplomacy. He is a published author of military theory, short stories, essays and poetry. Mr. Tijerina resides in Vermont.