Artwork © DL Polonsky


I Think It, So It Is

If I’m the POTUS, trust me, I decide:

There doesn’t have to be a process to

Have secret documents declassified

If I have thought it’s what I want to do.

Negotiations with the DOJ

Keep dragging on, but what are my misdeeds

If I haul White House documents away

To Mar-a-Lago? Presidential needs

Supplant top-secret status when my take

On it is known … By telepathic waves

Imparted through the Trumposphere, I make

The Prez the one who never misbehaves …

I think it, so it is, and had to be—

So Jan the 6th should not be blamed on me!


Mike Mesterton-Gibbons is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Florida State University who now lives in York, England. His acrostic sonnets have appeared in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Better Than Starbucks, the Creativity Webzine, Current Conservation, the Ekphrastic Review, Grand Little Things, Light, Lighten Up Online, MONO., The New Verse News, Oddball Magazine, Rat’s Ass Review, the Satirist, the Washington Post and WestWard Quarterly. His poem was prompted by the New York Times story, “Roland Mesnier, Pastry Chef to Five Presidents, Dies at 78.”

DL Polonsky is a Boston area artist, writer, and filmmaker. His caricatures have appeared in The Boston Herald and His written work includes the children’s book The Letter Bandits from T.B.W. Books.