Be Ye Enigmatic
Stand still and pray
give thanks
spill gratitude at the foot of the bed
clean up your mess
your whip entrenched blackened
moth fly

You fowl frothing mouth scamper
clamp your clanking teeth
shut them tightly together
creep silently
with all the undaunting fraudulent
turning of the earth.

that you should caress your greed
like a lovers quarrel
too much pride
to ever lay the sword of surrender down
at your feet.

I search for meaning
but can find naught
of even one strand of
fortunes pride.
spilling humility under the feet of you.

Only once a year
do I take it off.
and you,
what is it that you do?

Are you banker
are you judge
are God
are you the angel
or are you merely the gate
allowing sinners to pass through you

Are you sin of itself
could we baptise you
or are you too blemished
and spotted for forgiveness
do you smell like guilt
do you smell of moth balled untruths
do you smell of after rain?

Do you look like sex?
Are you woman
and slender confused
tall, confident, nonlinear
female specimen
doubling your identity in two?

Is it merely loneliness
that haunts you?
is it merely deep guttural voices
deep timbered words
lunging forward
so that we have become engaged in a joust of wills

Your sword leaves nothing for the imagination.
so lay it down as i have left mines here
my only weapon that of the pen
a word, a poem
not dedicated to you

avert your eyes
you who intrude here.
who dare to peer here
this was not written for you.


"Blocked Identity" © Fabio Sassi

“Blocked Identity” © Fabio Sassi


Melodic Rose is a spoken word artist from Montreal. She has written poetry for 15 years. She believes that poetry should be a transcendent experience. That true poetry comes from artistic and emotional vulnerability and at the heart of it, should reflect the distinct voices and nuances of the human experience. Melodic Rose hopes to reflect this philosophy through her work, by producing art that is unbound by the confines of race, gender or political affiliation but will continue to challenge and inspire others to live with complete authenticity.

Fabio Sassi makes photos and acrylics using tiny objects and what is considered to have no worth by the mainstream. Fabio lives and works in Bologna, Italy.