Porter Square

Like bird shit
lit for warmth
and failing
at it, the
parking lot
lamps glowing
in the cold
air light up
Porter Square.

Kick the shit
from the birds
from your shoes—
trick a spark
into the
briefest of
all the square

with bullshit,
birds shivering
for the bus,
about self-
care. Let you
your warmth (light
against night)
through the square—

through the shit
nuisance snow
like small bird-
the shopping
center air,
slick yet light,
in the square,

above shit-
talk among
evening bird-
squawk—bus to
Inman long
in their loops
in light of
Porter Square

Station (shit—)
still pouring
birds (they’re mad—),
and a dense,
air that the
light can’t crack
through the square—

It’s all shit
for the birds
you might say,
if you knew
Cambridge in
Winter when
light struggles
to warm the
public square


Matt Stefon is the author of the chapbooks The Long Contraction: Twelve Rejected Poems (2016, Smashwords) and Shaking the Wind (2017, Finishing Line Press), and is poetry editor of West Texas Literary Review. He lives, writes, and (disproportionately) edits north of Boston.

Chad Parenteau is Associate Editor of Oddball Magazine. Hopefully, his new book will come out this year.