Photography © Chad Parenteau



Air this morning is the color of a
new perfume, it renews this ashen
landscape. Blue is what I’d call it—blue

green for your eyes which bloom with questions
every day, mostly “whys.” How I would
love to answer those eyes but what I

know is so small it doesn’t take up
enough room in my mouth to say. I
want so much to bring something of worth

to the banquet table where you sit.
It seems that lately my backpack holds
anger and impatience—neither are

proper gifts for a feast; for the feast
that is your eyes. On a long bus trip
once upon a time, I felt the high

-way’s current carrying me along.
I slept on that rogue current
stirring only at the bus driver’s

light touch on my shoulder in order
to check my ticket. I merged with my
own dreams on that trip, realized that

all my essentials were in that sleep;
the only wakening would occur
at my arrival—my friend waiting

there at the station, on the platform
with questions flowering in her eyes,
same as yours.


Martina Reisz Newberry’s most recent book is Blues for French Roast with Chicory, available from Deerbrook Editions. Passionate in her love for Los Angeles, Martina currently lives there with her husband, Brian, a Media Creative.

Chad Parenteau is Associate Editor of Oddball Magazine.