Photography © Edward S. Gault


Nocturne op 48 no 1 in C minor

If I could play your Baby Grand,
I would tell it the things I used to tell you.

Unburden myself in the bass notes
as if the barebones of melody might turn
our dismal moon from aboulia
into averment of what still Can Be.

Helen, I am coming up on 54. Exhausted
middle age. Come find me.


Mark A. Murphy has had work published in 18 countries. He is a 3 time Pushcart Nominee, and has published eight books of poetry to date. German publisher ‘Moloko Print’ published his last collection, ‘The Ruin of Eleanor Marx’ in the summer of 2022.

Edward S. Gault is a poet and fine arts photographer living in Brighton, Massachusetts. His work has appeared in Oddball Magazine, Spectrum, Wilderness House Literary Review, Interlude, Currents, and Encore.