A little love poem
My ex-lover told me love is an action.

I send crushed velvet hearts
through the computer screen
to all of you. They will fly
onto your breasts at nipple-point
with diamond arrows:
for my aim is true.

I blow kisses through the windy
holes of February to you all.
They will smack your lips like
sweet hard candy, Revlon lipstick
and the curved salt sea.

I will dance across your windshields
A Thumbalina fairy, in red pointe
shoes and green chiffon wings.
Traffic will become a mirage.
And you will crash into radio songs.

I will dream of you whole and
Shining in handmade clothes
of yellow satin and black feathers,
with leopard skin pill box hats
and raspberry berets. Some in black
and white crinoline dresses,
some in high-draped pants.

And you will desire the fruits
Of love, its seeds and shapes,
Its colors and flavors.
And you shall eat eat like
Children at a country fair. Sweaty
Sensuous heathen drunk
On caramel apples and magenta balloons.

I will take you up…like Dorothy over Oz.


"Pierce The Earth,"  © TJ Edson

“Pierce The Earth,” © TJ Edson


Aside from being Cambridge’s 4th Poet Populist, Lo Galluccio has three published works: Hot Rain, Sarasota VII, and Terrible Baubles. In addition to being a poet and memoirist, Lo’s produced three vocal CDs, Being Visited, Spell on You and Terrible Baubles. She’s performed at many venues here and in NYC.

TJ Edson is the Art Director of Oddball Magazine and a volunteer at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery. He has also had work appear recently in Terrarium.