Photography © Constant L Williams


I Dream of Waking Up on November Fourth

Chick Corea, Spain: I tentatively peer out the window to a world
that appears unchanged. Then I remember and I’m
spinning, twirling, whirling, flinging my arms.
I am a starling, swooping, pulsating in the sky, avoiding predators
who might sap the energy from me. I twist, turn, pirouette, reel.

Snarky Puppy, Shofukan: I close my eyes—I’m outdoors.
In a hushed circle of family, friends, clasping hands,
unafraid of touch. Deliberate, our feet tap, tap, tap,
our voices resonate melodies, empowered and resolute.

Anat Cohen Tentet, Happy Song: Spangled in sizzling light, we move
steady, focused, forward.

Joshua Redman, Brad Mehldau, Brian Blade, Christian McBride, Undertow:
There will be dissonance, confusion, broken lines, mistakes.
We don’t need to fix it all but we should die trying.

We should live—trying.


Laurie Rosen is a lifelong New Englander. Her poems appeared in Sisyphus, Tigershark Magazine, The London Reader, The Muddy River Poetry Review, Beach Reads, an anthology from Third Street Writers, Peregrine and Oddball Magazine.

Constant L Williams is a polymathic creative from Los Angeles, CA. Though he is first and foremost a poet, he views all artistic mediums as paths that lead to the same human destination, whether it be through poetry, prose, photography, painting, video art, or sculpture, etc.