“This Is Business” © Jj D’Onofrio


five o’clock news

tell me a story of heartrending pain
something slow sipped, exotic-named
neatly cracked crystal collarbone pools,
droplets lost, falling cherry red cooled.
center on pornography suffering, retouched
into silent-movie sound bites, pearl-clutched
there but not there , bold dissertation given
from the rubble of proletarians shriven,
starved of full-feeling but penciled in sepia,
negative thirty degrees celsius anemia.
pour me the graveness of a fisherman
swept out at sea, doomed mind tin-can.
cutaway bright to coral reefs of grief,
testimony of child’s sandal in the street,
strange ironic tricks of a rainy night
yanked dog on chain leash lacks bite,
pleas for freedom to seize the day
you cry of distilled ruin gone astray.


Kyrah Gomes is a multidimensional artist and fresh fruit aficionado from nyc, currently living in tampa, fl. she writes to create something tangible and is as much of a poet as any other human being. her poems have appeared in Velvet Fields, LEVITATE, Paper Crane Journal, Superfroot, warning lines mag, and other publications.

Jj D’Onofrio: “I like to scour the world for bits and pieces, cultural artifacts and emotional trappings in an effort to create artwork which hopefully reflects a reality unbeknownst to the viewer. The translation of an idea or a vision into some semblance of form is to me, a journey that never disappoints.”