Photography © Linda Matthews-Denham


Dizzy with time

Dust motes in sunlight freckle your face
as we kiss deep in bracken on a Welsh hill
a long way from home.
I will leave my bag there
to be retrieved in darkness and laughter
long hours later.
If I had to describe this
it would be joy crackling in heat
dizzy with all the time in the world.


Kim Whysall-Hammond is an avid reader who grew up in London but now lives where the skies are much darker. She has worked as an Astronomer, in Climate Research and in Telecommunications, all chosen because she was told they were not suitable for a woman. She hid her poetry for many years, in case it made her seem like a girly-girl.

Linda Matthews-Denham lives in the countryside along the Thames River in Berkshire, England. Her passion is photography, photo restoration and art history of Paris. She also works very closely with many British authors restoring images for publication.