Poetic Heroes
for Jack Powers

A poem is always forced to begin
words are not a birth announcement
poetry is not a baby picture
of wonder and purity of thought
or even exquisite simplicity of trained metaphor and translation

poetry is a belch
an involuntary build -up
it is not a claim to fame
it is not a hump towards fortune and name dropping
not a list of publications and connections
it is not a blessing

it is urgent
it is destined
a thief and beggar
it does not climb a ladder
but walks under with the black cat
it is riddled with acne
a desperate quest
that must be

he, mentally ill forever
she cannot speak, but does
one reads another
one holds another

These 5 poets
in this loud library
are the faceless horsemen
they defeat multi-media mall blitzed
pushcart masturbation
begging of voyeuristic orgasm
they write to think
to breathe
they wish nothing more
of their poem
than survival


Photo of Jack Powers  © Bill Perrault

Photo of Jack Powers © Bill Perrault


Kerry Zagarella has been involved in the greater Boston poetry scene for 30 years. She was a featured performer at Boston’s First Night celebration and toured as a member of the first Boston Poetry Slam team. Her work has been published in several magazines and collections including, A tribute to Brother Blue published by Yellow Moon Press and on a CD entitled, Beat Night at the Electric Café. Kerry is the reigning champion of the New Hampshire Writer’s Project and was awarded the Poetry Slam Master award.

Bill Perrault is a poet, photographer and the current videographer for Stone Soup Poetry, founded by Jack Powers 43 years ago today in 1971.