Photography © Chad Parenteau


Two-Wheel Invincibility
after Henri Cole

Gliding over all at dusk
in my black jacket and black jeans,
my black bicycle
sets me to flight across six lanes
as my automotive peers
promenade with me—
the Lil Pump sending me aloft
through my matte black Beats.
When a man finds a road,
he is King.
Lines fade into suggestions of possibility.
No steel can compete with the will of a lion.
Can you not see that every direction
is the right direction?
Can you not feel that
I am pedestrian,
I am vehicle,
I am everything?


Kenneth Nichols holds a Creative Writing MFA from Ohio State and teaches writing at SUNY Oswego. His work has appeared in publications such as Prime Number and anthologies from Catapult Press and The Raving Press.

Chad Parenteau is Associate Editor of Oddball Magazine.