Holland and the Shetland

“I’m talking to you,” Holland said to the neighbour’s Shetland pony
“Because my girlfriend
Doesn’t have any hair
And without hair
She could be a lamp stand
And I don’t need no more light
I need an ear opened so wide there’s never enough said”

The pony, dressed in blacks and browns and white
Winked more often than it spoke
But today it spoke
Says the pony
“Perhaps it’s what you say she doesn’t want to hear”

Holland, as robust as any country,
Thought so long and deeply the pony trotted off for a carrot dinner
Leaving Holland (bordered by nations of doubt) swaying in the winter wind

Next day across the electrified fence
Holland asked the pony
“What is worth talking about to a woman without hair?”
“Not hair!” the pony said

After some thoughtful peering at the new mare
“Draw her some eyebrows,” pony said
“Then you can see if she’s surprised by what you say”

“Surprised?” Holland said

“Have you piqued her interest?
With no interest there’s no relationship
Hair or no hair”

Holland sought visa talks
Eyebrows were implemented
Rising on topics new
Holland had crossed the border


Keith Nunes is a Citizen of the World who is spending his life writing about everything imaginable with unbounded enthusiasm. Sometimes he’s published, sometimes he has to ride the ‘no thanks’ and scribble on.