The Man Who Lives in a Giant Naked Woman
Morton, Ella. “The Man Who Lives in a Giant Naked Woman.” Slate. 9 May 2014.

Armando sleeps in the fat
of her breasts. Locals
know her as ‘La Mona,’
a doll of concrete seduction
along the Tijuana skyline.

Armando sculpted the bends
in La Mona’s hips
from an ex-girlfriend’s,
a flesh-based remembrance
now realized
as a five-story high
voluptuous beauty.

Armando slaps himself
awake every morning,
leaves her nipples behind,
and plops down at the kitchen
lodged in her belly.
He wolfs down
the energy of femininity

before retiring to his study
tucked inside her head
where he mops up
contemplation with a broom
linking his eyes to his gut
until every dusk-laden
Mexican shadow
grows into a giant.


Artwork © Allison Goldin

Artwork © Allison Goldin


Keith Gaboury graduated with an MFA in poetry from Emerson College and currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is currently working on a collection science fiction/fantasy-themed poems.

Allison Goldin is an artist living in California. Her work is a collection of spontaneous drawings from the imagination. The most common link throughout her art are the semi-recognizable creatures scattered amongst and bringing together the surrounding doodles.