“The Dagger” © Rayn Roberts



When will it end? If there
is a god I wish to ask him.
I’d ask him, as I sit over another
toilet bowl and rob
my body of it’s reformation,
as I dab the grease from
the plate, count the energy
in an apple because I can
run on empty. I can defeat
the human necessity- I am
more powerful than my own
desires- I am infinite. Until
everyone is crying at my
bedside, when will it end? What
am I searching for? What am
I truly trying to forget? The
love I never received but
gave so freely I’m in debt
for several lifetimes? To self discover,
when will I allow myself
the honour, god? When will
you feed me?


Katie Farrell is an Undergraduate student in University College Dublin studying English with Creative Writing. At 20 years old she writes poems and stories about mental illness, relationships, and ignites the flame of ‘mundane,’ to be something much more. She has contributed work to her college’s magazines and had her first script accepted into the Bord Gáis Energy theatre at just 11 years old. The dream has never died since!

Rayn Roberts lives in Oregon where he writes poetry & creates digital art.