“Warrior Woman” © Julie Marie Hoey


Daddy Dearest
Not to be taken lightly

passion flames leap and soar
escape the burning barn
broken promises multiplied
so much for do no harm

you’re rage engulfed us fully
permanently charred and scarred us
blackouts happened day and night
and my mirror looked on in disgust

never air dirty laundry
I can hear you say back then
you fucked us all
you fucked us up
            over and over again

but I was never dirty
mom kept us all clean
she loved us all ferociously
our home shiny and pristine

I now face my mirror
I face the world
you say I am a survivor
but I speak and despite it all
            I’m an artist, a poet and thriver


Julie Marie Hoey is an award-winning artist and poet. Her artwork has been exhibited in juried, group, and solo shows stretching from California to Massachusetts. Her paintings live in the U.S., South America, and Europe.