Illustration © Geoffrey Fallon

2020 Presidential Debate Real-Time Live Write

Wine must the fold the world on avocados to matter, but it
doesn’t matter. So sip my women wine. Whine skip yo slip
your answer under the doormat woman! You seem to know
me, but people aren’t people anymore. We owe you a debt
of gratitude for being so transparent with us, hang around
the protective gear and provocative volcano, sand-crap trap
to fund what needs to be done, rather than fun your blame
Why do you know nonsense as a game of existent watching
xeno-phobic phonemes xerox olive-oil: price in China-virus
I am using you lift my wax, – wane change-candle wine,
fewer people are dying, because there are fewer people to
die —

Health care virus floss pride and prod prose graphs bleed
graphs-rhapsody-so-rap-so-la-dee-dee-die—wrong guy
wrong time wrong night just lost impoverished socialized
medicine slowest recovery since me ow health care health
care came calling Cain calls me O mama hang their heads
and stamp stomp and scream mama help me no hands to
breathe——/-//////— bang this gun holding me dow no
jones-ing off their heads butterflies democracy, hidden
China eats your lunch Jo! Obama collapse O volva voila
cups bulbous blur blue bulbs and vulva aah! I’m um…….
Obama collage draws mallow Khalifa klippa interrupter
enters unfit interrobang into intro not even out a midday
mouth and tweak tawa raw water birds take verdant
veranda carrying torches skewing Antisemitic man and vile
yet dine on these china plates, words – very fine on both
sides and blame bible for making me do it and did I
disgrace grace or did grace disgrace me and invent racism
when I’ll end racism because I am the best and am a
savior— away everywhere a way is the position to vote
gore vote sash super-predator shows slow vote into the sea
away Mother Earth’s lips slips away— Extend people
understand the sirens, reminder: COVID-19 is a serious
subject, — glasses share fog systemic injuuhhh don’t listen
preexisting conditions. Calling Obama care Obama care is
actually probably pay of the pledge part of the problem in
an insane royal roughly corresponds end equal time, baby
sitters descend on Nation. Good TV bag baby bag basking
baby bay Blade runner, thunder, thud, thud— Where do we
foam up hip hop hi ku clocks cloak for where we roam &
wear Rome O Supreme Courtyard, — are you a friend of
law& order Afro Africa feel afraid and ask aid blame amen
and amend and amen and and and
…… chug chia pet chaos Sky Chicago ! ! ! XX harmed roe
v wade never water amen, amen amen a me. A men land
soccer praxis six axis sexist practice leads seldom sheen
renewables, remains, Styrofoam cup strife, eerie Reams off
pay per day and for sown l’shana tova tow-a-Torah from
parking space and park shut down place at park place —
bay bay I won game!!! A gift of forgiveness dead, DnD….

lying in the sheets of economic detention. Your economy is
a shut-off faucet, and an empty chair, as chalice seekers
sand swaddle, ask questions to blankets, how do you
demonstrait dementia and beyond-Guernica-blame fires on
demented crystals ebony bone audiences keen Rhinestone
Forest Management I’m Malek, Burka, did fire didn’t fire
shouldn’t be a California why did you Chernobyl politic
polo team tag team pollution and slut slugger your car I can
afford— how can you shame my son for his electric
heroism and question be avoided and just eat the avocado
and drink trillion trilalalalala ahahahaha fire hahahahaha
fire fine. It’s fine. Fine. Fine on both sodden soldiers solid
side. Redid adidas a terror tie tree-tees put putt golf all ok
Adolf – offend o fend the ferns and few air and die ease
Wooded Harder methane market meth me the last and first
best ya betta bet More money money money lying in the
streets of economic detention your economy your economy
your economy con me commie! Your economy drop a
Nuclear weapon – classy she’s class academic a cacao’s
seminal denial I am not a racist why didn’t you do it in
China, in the road agreed nestles beets and best Stupid
green gas heads up ass as in I… I … I green new deal… shh
sigh I don’t support… green new deal wins Racial Radical
and Rancid mauled midnight mind with mail-in ailing
prepared to spend debris when —— and an empty choir, as
chalice seekers speak and sudden swaddler’s saddle socks
mock up one for gene no heels. I’ve ivory towers. Did I!
Did, died spied caught ‘em me all maul UN and vote it’s a
distaste, a disaster fraud waste bandit ballot paper pay per
casket, paper in backstreet basket, sing manhattan with hrs
left to live …. have for days been sniffing the end. Your
beloved gave into the shadowy underbelly dawn rigged to
fraud and framed yanked hand job-beddead abandoned on
donned undone um dumb ballots mail dumb mail none and
end end end end end and end. Because you’re aching for
financial gain.

Paradoxical paranoia panorama Rama Rama Rama la lama
lama la lama you’re wrong you’re wrong you’re wrong con
Concerned sir are you concerned ! ? love the void of peace,
o dr death. Where do you phase your Pfizer off the Fritz
cough dough scoff cough cc’ing Bad things to email life
manipulated wake. and chest. Where do you phase your
Pfizer off the Fritz cough dough scoff cough cc’ing coffin
into the bad things manipulated wake. Raaaaaaa! Ram a
Rama ! Rama Rama ram!
Ram the lamb land blood prison groan numbers…— I am
numb from your community or insane yes! Say yes! Yes
yes! To inject bleach and go to the beach Where is
seriousness a “maybe”!?

Dental undiagnosed vaccine moles
political Soledad canyon Havana isolation charm smokes
chain-soaked smoke America …. zinc in sync. Sick to my
sing …. in alumna naughty yawn… in Kumbaya… dawn the
Reality Ricci flow helps me nooo On this burning hit
conviction sick sissy convulsion around argon pagan paper
iris isis ssssss

yesssss political dental Sam’s wealth health effect/efface
nooo efface muzzle low nooo music noisy No mosaic stare
sins How dare YOU!!! ?!!!!!! political dental samba wears
land jabs…. efface muzzle music noisy mosaic stare &
startle perennial penury!

Why do we record our nonsense and ignore the voided
checks strings blanks blackout blankets gets color-blind
end 80,888 wakes in powered powder divine dental blame
— doom issue from my joggers rope nope hope dandelion.
Budged budded Masons masks moan a dandelion. A
dandelion nope. Nudged by 15 months away— shoot!
Issues shot! Shoot! Nope noise banger banter nope nope
hope nope oh oh oh woah woah And No. Nose bondage
journey fresh Rothchilled frothy white Ocean foam appears
to appeal and zealous net- flux flix flex swastika
swatstickwha say dance squander squander séance

Open apocalyptic dream sweetheart mask silence
appendage kisses downbeat time’s pernicious airports’
walker’s meandering ocean’s vicious sickness dry up oracle
swallows swollen wither framework irrepriestible and
irrescentible om o to-do nothing is hip for facadic under
ping pong bing bong bing, blame China-plague — come
plague with me!
Only ripe toon-town-tomorrow row your asylumic oral-Dios
grown jabs all over-siege oceanic divorce alcoholism
draught ossify rec- order, record order, odor o dear, door
not, ajar, I am putting my head in the wall-fly off the
meaning tax, break tone back frontier’s ooo aaa ! What the
fuck is going on?

Joshua Corwin, a Los Angeles native, is a neurodiverse, Pushcart Prize-nominated poet and Spillwords Press Publication of the Month winner. His debut poetry collection Becoming Vulnerable (2020) details his experience with autism, addiction, sobriety and spirituality. He has lectured at UCLA, performed at the 2020 National Beat Poetry Festival, and his Beat poetry is to be anthologized alongside Ferlinghetti, Hirschman, Ford, Coleman and weiss late this year (Sparring Omnibus, Mystic Boxing Commission). He hosts the poetry podcast “Assiduous Dust” and teaches poetry to neurodiverse individuals and autistic addicts in recovery at The Miracle Project, an autism nonprofit. Corwin’s collaborative collection A Double Meaning, with David Dephy, is currently seeking publication. He also has forthcoming collaborative poetry projects with Ellyn Maybe including Ghosts Sing into the World’s Ear (Ghost Accordion series 1st Wave, Mystic Boxing Commission).

Geoffrey Fallon is a writer and cartoonist. His comic “The Secrets of Skinny People” runs every Monday at Oddball Magazine.