“TOO: An Orientation of Spirit” © Melody Croft


When Mario and Bowser team up it reminds me how shitty politicians are

It happened in Super Mario RPG and blew my mind how a
good guy
and a
bad guy
could team up and stop a bigger meaner nastier opponent
and then in the Origami King they did it again, this big threat
comes and snips at the fabric of the world they share
and it’s like they never fought in the first place and
they combine their strength
they do what they could only ever do together.
Then I see our politicians fighting to keep power
and to keep their seats
and to keep their jobs
While diseases
and      poverty
and                  inequality
and                              global warming
threaten the world that we all share
and our Marios and our Bowsers can’t
get along long enough to have a
so they keep fighting over Peach when Peach hasn’t
been kidnapped in like, a hundred years.
But they’ll keep bickering and one-upping and
                         I can
and in the meantime all us
shy guys and
koopa kids and
keep toiling away, looking at each other like,
there’s got to me more to this


Josh Sippie is a writer with things published in places. When not writing, he’s either watching Lord of the Rings or wondering why he isn’t writing. Probably both.

Melody Croft is a self-taught emerging artist. Since 2012, her work has been chosen in numerous exhibitions in Georgia, the Southeast, the Midwest, and New York City. Melody’s paintings have earned awards and have been published in periodicals and on the cover of the book of poetry, A Thousand Scattered Moments written by Ellen Cowne. Before working in an art studio, Ms. Croft worked in a classroom teaching elementary school-aged children. She retired from the Georgia Public School System in 2009 and now focuses on painting.