The Artist

You are color. Bold strokes of textured life
I am stimulated by your possibilities.
Soft and subtle, you create new senses
as you prove me with your gestures.

I am your canvas as you
bring a full emotional palette into play.

Touch me with your life
the vibrancy resonates
and shifts my pale hues.
Smatters of paper, stone and paint.
I sink into the comfortable clutter.

Create intensity with the elements of my life.
How is it you see so well?
Persuasive interpretation of what is me.
Naked truth made beautiful
and alive.

Entice my desires, unaware of consequences
and conventions
I offer my fragile tones to your bold strokes
and I delight in the creation.


"Whispered Astonishment" © Bill Wolak

“Whispered Astonishment” © Bill Wolak


Jennifer L. Rodriguez earned her doctorate in creative writing and literature from Drew University where her love of the short story craft was a main focus of study. A prolific writer, to date she hasn’t been published but enjoys the process of writing and storytelling. By day, she writes pharmaceutical copy.

Bill Wolak is a poet, photographer, and collage artist. He has just published his twelfth book of poetry entitled Love Opens the Hands with Nirala Press. His collages have been published in over a hundred magazines including: The Annual, Peculiar Mormyrid, Danse Macabre, Dirty Chai, Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal, Lost Coast Review, Mad Swirl, Otis Nebula, and Horror Sleaze Trash. Recently, he was a featured poet at The Mihai Eminescu International Poetry Festival in Craiova, Romania. Mr. Wolak teaches Creative Writing at William Paterson University in New Jersey.