Costume Identity

Ever since farmers donned antlers
to play the Horned God
to the milkmaid’s Goddess
we shed our skins like snakes
and dress to impress
by being someone else.
Be all you want to be:
superheroes and GI Joes,
naughty nurses and slutty bunnies.
Uncover your desires
by laying on the makeup.
Wrap it in candy and alcohol,
pumpkin spice and nothing nice.
I prefer witches, goblins and ghouls,
pumpkins, and clever concepts,
children dressed as old people,
babies dressed as anything.
It’s easier to return home
when the departure point
is an old wardrobe or a looking glass.
And when the party is over
we don our costumes and return to real life.


JeanMarie Olivieri is freelance writer and editor, who believes that poetry can change the world one reader, or listener, at a time. She lives in North Carolina where there are so many writers and poets, you can’t throw a rock without hitting one. But you shouldn’t throw rocks!