“Mirror of God” © Tybee Maitri


Tracing Touch

My cheek once felt a slap, spittle,
a bite, sunburn, the sting of a bee,
a bruise, and the barrel of a gun.

Also, the blush of embarrassment,
the itch of hives, a frostlike chill, and the
warmth of my newborn on my cheek.

Now, a tearful cheek rests on
the curve of a cheek, one last time
before walking away from the coffin.

My aged cheeks are pale. Jigsaw memories
are reminders that Dali’s melting clocks
and watches can never be reset.


Janet Stevenson is retired from Massachusetts. She got serious about poetry late in life. Although she says she’s not a good poet, writing short stories and poetry keeps her busy with a life that’s waiting for her.

Tybee Maitri is a mixed media artist. They studied Studio Art at Simmons University. The are living, creating and healing in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina with their cat Muchini.