House By the Lake

Incendiary tales
left at front steps
I open my door to sweep them out
Less I trip on them;

The wind howls and sweeps through
The cracks in my window
I let its whistling melody
Rock me to sleep deep;

The sun glares down at me
Daring me to open my gaze
And for an instance
I stare back in defiance
Less I go blind from non-compliance;

The moon emerges from a sleepy cloud
Highlighting a path for
dislocated crowds
Less they lose their way
in the winding grounds;

I beckon to butterflies
To amuse my visual fields
To nature’s natural beauty I yield;

Only to come awake
in a house by the lake
where I will contemplate

Serenity For all who have been dislocated;

Serenity for all who have been aggravated;

Serenity for all wishing to be

Serenity for all Humanity,

May you too dwell in a house by
the lake

Where you too may find shelter from
the hate…


Jacques Fleury is the author of Sparks in the Dark: A Lighter Shade of Blue, A Poetic Memoir and It’s Always Sunrise Somewhere and Other Stories.