Bitter Heaven

In the mid-air,
where heads are smouldering,
where every flesh is flaw and well-defined, where restricted area
is barbed-wired and every notion that is being crammed down
is coloured in glittering phrase of falsehood,
is where your daughter is singing,
is where rains slither on the walls
and filling the musical cadence
left behind in the meaningless spectres
by her late great grandfather.
Her voice is arresting a deadly locution,
her audience and the rest of you, standing back to back, are still waiting
to trace those collective words
from the gulf and beyond.
Your uncle, after long interval
with physical existence
in the deepest slumber,
is preparing to descend,
he claps and teased by
old paddies and soldiers,
who carry trays full of cups,
the bird sits in, watching the draught.
The sky returns with its night to colour us.
We are packed with stars and sulphur smell,
our wet heads glisten in the early dew,
we receive small treats to become large in numbers
from where she is burred in fatigue,
her wings in the bow, or whatever that filthy little rag is called,
you shove to contribute your difference in everything above us.


Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah s the author of the new hybrid works, The Sun of a Solid Torus, Conductor 5, Genus for L Loci and Handlebody. His individual poems are widely published and recently appearing in Rigorous, Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh, The Meadow, Juked, North Dakota Quarterly, Cathexis Northwest Press, The Sandy River Review, Strata Magazine, Atlas Poetica, Modern Haiku, etc. He is algebraist and artist and lives in the southern part of Ghana, Spain, and Turtle Mountains, North Dakota.

Poet/Photographer Jennifer Matthews’ poetry has been published in Nepal by Pen Himalaya and locally by the Wilderness Retreat Writers Organization, Midway Journal, The Somerville Times, Ibbetson Street Press and Boston Girl Guide. Jennifer was nominated for a poetry award by the Cambridge Arts Council for her book of Poetry Fairy Tales and Misdemeanors. Her songs have been released nationally and internationally and her photography has been used as covers for a number of Ibbetson Street Press poetry books and has been exhibited at The Middle East Restaurant, 1369 Coffeehouses, Sound Bites Restaurant in Somerville and McLean Hospital.