“Linked” © Yeonwoo Kim


Three weeks in Holsworthy

I remember that look in her eyes
That said to me, “It wouldn’t be wise”
Settled back and watched her play pool
Admirers gathered, like thieves to a jewel
Years later I wonder how long she played
Played straight, played safe, existing afraid
1989 it was illegal to be a queer in Defence
Mutterings of military prison for the offence
“You’ll get a long three weeks in Holsworthy”
Imagine how gruesome prison would be?
So we got lost, in a world, filled with fear
And now as I queer up in my 50th year
I wonder where she is and how she is now
If she is finally free from this, somehow?
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to find her
But still for some LGTBIQA+ remains a slur
At 50, in the age of finding those lost on the net
Never being able to find her is my one regret
I really don’t know if she’s happy or still scared
I hope she can remember just how much I care.


Jacci Brady is an anthropologist and sometimes variety artist (stage name Jacci Pillar). They are a proud nonbinary autistic human with an potentially unhealthy love for acronyms and alliterations and inappropriate musical comedy composition. They are currently completing a PhD in Political Science on the politics of laughter in the Australian satire scene.

Yeonwoo Kim: “Globally, people gather at a specific location, date, and time carrying posters and banners in support of a cause. The united hands at the center of an obscure background of people exemplifies the gathering. My interpretation of the theme is that people experience damage due to their idiosyncrasy, specifically their unique physical features. Once we overlook such traits, we would become responsive and susceptible to becoming a unified group as we are all made of the same flesh and bones. In order to demonstrate how the group is unified by this similar aspect, I didn’t focus on only one individual on my piece. Instead, I obscurely created a group of people focusing on the holding of hands and how we are linked.”