Photography © Lauren Shear


My Forbidden Friend

Breath inhaled again.
Like a forbidden friend.
Too close.
For their expectations.
We have no hesitations.
Her smile makes me sure.
Her scent my only cure.
Of sickness born from hate.
With a never-ending length.
This naïve fear so great.
My dear, they’re simply testing our strength.
Perfume dampened wrists.
And a tinkling laugh.
Two women in bliss.
And you loathe on behalf.
Of what?

Beat up sneakers and tousled sheets.
Stuck like skin.
Lovely scars from wonderful feats.
My holy sin.
Traced constellations.
Images only we know.
Gave in to your temptations.
Only eternity to go.
Your “love” is no release.
Compared to the ecstasy.
Of all-peace.
And novelty.

Disgust is.
Yet, we’re left.
So let me lay.
‘Til our ultimate end.
Alone, I pray.
With my forbidden friend.


Hailie Woodring is a 14 year old (she/her) from Muncie, IN who has only begun to indulge in her love for writing. If she isn’t horrifying readers with her creepy humor, she’s fighting for equal love through her words. Poetry is a new and exciting world, and she is determined to make her voice shine through. Aside from writing, Hailie loves her friends, family, and fluffy dogs.

Lauren Shear is a museum professional, public historian, and lifelong resident of Massachusetts. She has been working with activist groups since college and has been seeking ways to support communities under attack ever since.