Artwork © Eric N. Peterson


Out of the Loop, For Real

I feel cheated. I was at work and largely occupied with trivial work related matters. I didn’t have time to consult my phone. I found out at lunch that social media was under siege. No one knew why FB and IG were down but everyone had their suspicious and their tin foil conspiracy theories. Twitter was gloating like the bitch that it is. At least the memes were hilarious. It was already ninety minutes in before I even knew there was a problem.

Yeah, I’m curious
but work duties are calling
my lunch is over

I was a bit distracted as I returned to work. I was doing duties that required actual attention so I wouldn’t be able to keep consulting my phone for an update. I think to myself, “by the time, I get finished work, the problem will be resolved and everything will be back to normal.” I resisted temptation. I made it a personal point not to check and check and check up. My work would lead me up to 5:00 and I resolved to feed and walk the dog BEFORE checking to see if FB made a less than triumphant return. The temptation was stirring but I held fast. I stayed focused on my job. I can’t honestly say I got anymore accomplished but I managed to bide the time and keep myself busy. I’m no better than anyone else. It’s back up when I finish eating and walking the dog. I can’t say I would have stayed sane if I was off work and sitting around my apartment bored to tears. But I did get through it without a heart attack or any real stress or panic. They’ve always told me I was out of the loop, sure. I can’t say they’re wrong but that won’t worry me none. Some radio station is posting a dumbass question. I probably should waste my time responding.

Thus fires back up
a less than triumphant return
fingers a buzzing

the chatter seems too normal
so did it even happen?


George Schaefer is a Philly based poet who has clung to delusions of poetic grandeur for 4 decades. No one is listening but the poet is too tone deaf to realize it. This haibun was written about the fiasco on October 4, 2021 where we emerged unscathed but no wiser.

Eric N. Peterson is from Atlanta, Ga. He’s been drawing cartoons all his life. He leans towards the absurd, imaginative, and the surreal, as that’s where all the flavor is.