“Hopscotch” © Bonnie Matthews Brock


Everyday Corona “tolls the knell of parting” souls.
The immensity is at stake before the tiniest.
Leaping, running and flying the virus snaps so many dead.
Even its touch is as deadly as ever beyond human data.
Conscience is aptly groping in the rainbow-lit corridors of time.
Dark-hearted warlords and diplomats are now looking dejected.
How perplexed they are at such an invisible onslaught!

They need no more put their heinous mighty efforts into
Stopping the beats of human hearts, they no more shed sweat
To thwart the civilizations‟ onward march
Oh! What a horrible story woven before!
The proud Pillars of the world posed to be the threats—
„We are the lords! We play the diametrically opposites‟—
They raise right hands as friends where their left hands lower as foes.
Now their sophisticated arsenals are useless against
The reckless killers without traceless source! What a terrific matter!
Whether is it thrust upon or thumb-born? Who knows?? Who???

Now I recall–
Where is Globalization so powerful?
Where is Imperialism in disguise?
Where are the belligerent with their power and pelf?
The social unity is broken. Where is UN?
Why do people now move a little like robots–
Faces covered with masks, hands with gloves
Whole bodies wearing PPE look like unknown figures.
Time flies with Covid-19 and human instinct is howling.
How the world will be fighting out Coronawarisation!
Who can say a virus more deadly than this may not steal upon us in future?
A lot of rehearsals have madly started to outwit this foe. Just to cite one–
Whether will all kinds of sanitizers suffice to “sweeten” our “little‟‟ hands?

Dr. Gazi Abdulla-hel Baqui is a poet, a translator and an academician.

Bonnie Matthews Brock is a Florida-based photographer, as well as a school psychologist. Her images have been published in Ibbetson Street Press, The Somerville Times, and Oddball Magazine.