Of pigs who crash and dogs who won’t bark

Off prompt

A child’s play
Labyrinth of by lanes and streets that exist
And do not exist

A pig comes out charging
A loud crash is a given
When the pig is from nowhere

Tails wagging
They chase
The dogs who have forgotten barking
They only bite

Right there In the middle of the maze
She sniffs
Looking for little clues
Pigs and dogs
Don’t bother her much
They only crash or bite

But right in the middle of the maze
She remembers every story
That she has heard about
The monsters
Who smile
And give away sweets
She has been told to keep a distance of miles
The maze is too small a place
Even if she increases her pace

A software professional from Pune (India), Gauri Dixit writes English poetry. Her poems have been featured in multiple Indian and international anthologies. She is a regular contributor to many poetry pages and e-zines of repute such as Destiny Poets UK, Duane’s Poetree, Glomag, Kubili Cafe, Learning & Creativity, Mind Creative, Spillwords and Stanzaic Stylings. She recently won the Reuel International Prize for the Most Promising Poet – 2018. Her first poetry book In my skin, I find freedom was recently released. She loves reading, photography and traveling.

Shayna Bruce: I am a photographer located in Lexington , KY. The image that I have shared with you is called ‘You’re Late.’ This image was inspired loosely around the 1950 film Harvey which featured a large rabbit that only the protagonist could see. In this image, I wanted to convey a sense of urgency for the viewer to find their childlike whimsy, their Pooka, before life’s end. The rabbit has been waiting for a long time and is ready to show you a new world.”