While Her Legs Rest Upon My Shoulders

milk honey      circles
    underneath, inside
her thighs

           crushed Pina colada

parted lips

           a circle
       a remedy

cunt      grips

           Lew Welch things, floating

       motion, evolution,
thoughtless, weightless

       an upward arrow, forcefully

the eye
           of the wettest tangerine.


Light and Dark © Stacy Esch

Light and Dark © Stacy Esch


Frank Reardon was born in 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts and spent his first 28 years living there. Since then, he has lived all over the country, in places such as Alabama, Kansas City and Rhode Island. He currently lives in the Badlands of North Dakota, still looking for a way to get out. Frank has been published in various reviews, journals and online zines. His first poetry collection, Interstate Chokehold, was published by NeoPoiesis Press in 2009, The seconds titled: Nirvana Haymaker was published by NeoPoiesis Press in 2012. Frank just released his Third collection of poetry in November of 2013 titled: Blood Music from Punk Hostage Press. Frank is currently working on an untitled novel and slowly putting together another collection of poetry.

Stacy Esch lives and works in West Chester, Pennsylvania, teaching English at West Chester University. Digital art and photography are the twin passions that compete alongside her interest in writing, reading, songwriting, and gardening. She has previously published work at Turkshead Review and wordriver literary review. She is currently selling a calendar through Spruce Alley Press.