Photography © Emily Fortney


Fluid and Ice

The day wanders my way
and beckons to distraction

To see-
Water that wears its nature
as fluid and ice

It does not try to be Sun
nor Moon

but revels in Sun’s warmth
and plays in Moon’s pull

And the day
with its bright light
wanting to give everything
its moment to shine

Pulls all I have
from the darkness

Exposing flawed architecture

And feelings
of little competence

in spaces always wanting more
of who I

And here in this bright moment-
for just a moment

I catch a glimpse
That all I have
Who I am
Is enough


Emily Fortney is an educator, singer, writer, photographer and activist living in Southwestern, Ontario. Her work as an educator has centered around restorative practices and developing curriculum through an anti-bias, decolonizing framework. Emily’s writing also seeks to incorporate these lenses and explores living in right relationship with nature, other and self.